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Is your skin OK or AK?

If you love the sun or spend a lot of time outdoors you may be at increased risk of skin damage, which can lead to actinic keratosis.


Actinic keratosis (also known as AK or solar keratosis) are rough patches of skin that can lead to non-melanoma skin cancer if not recognised and treated early. Actinic keratosis is caused by exposure to the sun over time and mainly affects those over 40.  Half of people over 45 say they aren’t aware of actinic keratosis (AK).


...your skin and risk of actinic keratosis with the quick 7-step actinic keratosis assessment tool



…the signs of actinic keratosis by watching the video,
downloading the guide and checking your own skin 


…by speaking to your doctor if you notice changes


Caroline's story

"If you've ever been a sun worshipper, watch your skin... anything that changes, get it checked out!" Caroline, 62 spotted sun damage on the back of her hand and was diagnosed with actinic keratosis. WATCH HER STORY BELOW...